Creative Social Media Content Ideas To Boost Engagement

Millions of people are active on social media platforms to connect and share their thoughts and experiences with their friends and family. They are already consumed a lot of information from their feeds so you need to have a good marketing plan strategy to grab their attention.

Here are some ideas to help you to create social media content to get noticed.

Share your experiences

Share Your Experience

People love to hear the story behind your business. Share your experience with your followers, how you get started, and what you have learned so far. Showing your transparency by sharing your success, failure, and challenges not only will help you to build strong relationships with them but also help you to grow your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to share your business journey with your followers! Let your followers know what you are up to and why you are doing it. Share your excitement and your challenges with them. Share success together and make your followers part of your journey.

Host AMA for your next content idea


If you’re looking for content ideas, why not try hosting an AMA (ask me anything)? This can be a great way to engage with your audience and get some feedback on what they want to see from you. Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know your followers better!

AMA sessions are a great opportunity to connect with your audience directly. Answering questions from your followers, fans, customers, clients or anyone else who might want to ask you something builds trust and authority.

Share what did you learn from your recent book

You can summarize your recent read and your own opinion. Feel free to share key points that you have learned and how you can use that knowledge in your business or personal life. Share your knowledge and help your follower who wants to apply the knowledge you have shared from the book.

Ask for recommendations (music, movies, party ideas)

Ask For Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is one of the best ways to find new music, music, or party ideas. Use stickers on your social media to ask for advice. You will be surprised by the number of recommendations you will receive from this technique.

Share your experience with the product or service

When people are at buying stage they seek reviews or recommendations as social proof. Give the product or service your honest review, and let your followers know what you like and what not. Make your own scorecard and share your score with them. Not only can you connect with other like-minded fans, but you can also help spread the word about the products or services that will definitely help your followers to make better purchase decisions. Who knows – your review could be the one that convinces someone else to give it a try!

Share your recent blog post with a link sticker

You can share subtopics of your blog as social media posts. Don’t forget to add a link sticker on Facebook and Instagram stories to every post that links to your full article. Sharing new content on social media platforms helps your website to get traffic as well.

Share your thoughts on comments you have received

Share your point of view on the comment you have received. There is no right and wrong while you are expressing thoughts in the comments. Sharing your own point of view is one of the best ways to keep engaged with your followers.

Reshare helpful content

If you find someone else’s content helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your followers too. By sharing quality content, you can help others learn and grow. Not to mention, it can also help build relationships with other content creators in your field or niche.

Your reviews or testimonials

Whenever you got reviews for your product or services don’t forget to share them with your followers.

Response to most frequently asked questions

When you have the same questions asked a couple of times then it’s better to create one content answering all questions and pin that post on your Instagram feed or TikTok. It will help you to organize your content and easy to drive them to the pin posts.

Share your other social media channels

Share Your Social Media Channels

If you have other social media channels, such as a Medium blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account, be sure to share them with your followers too. This can help you to reach audiences from other platforms. Instead of creating unique content for different social media pages repurpose your content for all social channels.

Make a bucket list and post about it

Sharing your bucket list with others is another social media post idea that can be quite personal. You may be hesitant to share your hopes and dreams with others, but doing so can be very rewarding. When you share your bucket list with others, you give them a glimpse into your soul. It can be a great way to connect with others on a deeper level.

Give your audience a gift to celebrate your success

When you achieve something great, it’s important to celebrate your success. Giving a gift to your audience is a great way to celebrate. It is a great way to show your appreciation for their help and support, and it will also make your followers feel good about their contribution to your success.

Actionable tips and steps are the best content ideas as they are easy to consume. People not only use Google to search for tips but also use social media to find tips and steps when they are looking for ways to improve a particular aspect of their lives. When writing tips and steps, it is important to be clear and concise so that your viewers or readers can easily follow the instructions. Video format would be perfect to share content of this type.

Go live with other influencers

If you use a live stream in combination with other content or influencers, your engagement metrics will go up. You can share your valuable content with other content creator followers that might help you to gain followers.

Talk about how-to video ideas

Information content like how-to videos has a higher user engagement rate than other types of video. If you have a good understanding of the product then feel free to share how-to content. Always make how-to videos relevant to your business or simply based on your AMA, comments, or trending topics in general. Whatever approach you take, make sure that your videos are high quality and easy to understand to increase engagement.

Share what on-trend type of content

If you share trending relevant content with your target then it takes less time for your content to share with most of your followers as they are trendy. You can get trendy or any viral content ideas from other bloggers, and influencers or use trending hashtags on Twitter or TikTok. Trending topics can be about anything, from current events to pop culture. Trending on social media is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world.

Check your social media feed

Social media algorithms are best to provide you with recommend accounts on your explore page on Instagram or for your page on TikTok. These account suggestions are based on your browsing behavior and activities. Those suggested account helps you to brainstorm some ideas to create effective social media content.