How To Uninstall WordPress From cPanel, Step-By-Step Guide In 2 Easy Ways

Learning to uninstall WordPress using cPanel can be tough for people who own websites. It needs a lot of technical knowledge and careful steps. If you do it wrong, you might lose your visitors and all the hard work you put into your site.

That’s why we made an easy-to-follow guide for uninstalling WordPress site.
It shows you how to uninstall WordPress safely in different situations without losing your important stuffs like WordPress Database, Files and Plugins.

Before we start talking about removing WordPress from your cPanel, let’s check out some times when making a brand-new website is important:

  • if bad stuff like harmful plugins/files got into your website.
  • if you want to change to different platforms like Shopify or Wix.
  • if your website is having big problems and needs to start fresh.
  • if you’re switching where your website is hosted or the plan you’re on.

Following Are The Steps To Uninstall WordPress Website From Cpanel

Before you start deleting anything, it’s really important to make a complete copy of your website. This copy can be super helpful if you ever want to get back your old WordPress files or if you decide to move your website to a different hosting company.

1. How To Uninstall WordPress From Control Panel Manually

Once you’ve created a backup of your files and database, it’s time to begin the process of manually removing your WordPress website using cPanel. 

1. Sign in to your cPanel account by either using the dashboard of your hosting account or going to

2. Once you login to your cPanel, go to the Files section and Click File Manager


3. Once you go to File Manager, you will see the files and folder listed, then on the left sidebar, there you can see the public_html folder, please click on it.


4. Once you click on the public_html folder, all your WordPress files and folder gets listed on the right side.

5. In the top bar, you can see the Select All checkbox, please check it and click the Delete button at the topmost bar.


6. Once you click delete button, confirmation window popups, please click Confirm button and you are done. All your WordPress Files are deleted.


7. Now, database needs to be deleted as well. For this,  go to Databases section in C-panel dashboard.


8. Once you click on MYSQL Databases you will get the current database list.

9. Select the current database being used and click Delete.


10. Once you click delete, confirm screen appears. Please click on Delete Database button and you are done.


2. How To Remove WordPress With Softaculous

An easier way to automatically remove WordPress from cPanel is by using Softaculous. This approach also lets you delete the domain and user database quickly with just a few clicks.

1. Go to the cPanel dashboard and find the Software tab. Click on WordPress Manager by Softaculous.


2. Pick the website / domain name you want to erase and click the Dropdown button.


3. Click the red Uninstall button.


4. Check the three boxes beside Remove Directory, Remove Database, and Remove Database User.


5. Scroll and hit the blue Remove Installation button.

6. Confirm by clicking OK.

7. Wait for the progress bar to finish, and that’s it – you’ve uninstalled WordPress!

By following above steps and guidelines, you can successfully and safely uninstall WordPress while safeguarding your data and ensuring a smooth transition if needed. If you are still not sure and like us to do this job for you, then you can Contact Us Here or Call Us Here directly.

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