Google analytics affiliate link tracking

Tracking the affiliated link with GA4 and GTM is useful because we can set up conversion on the link as it will show you how many conversions have been done by a user who has clicked on your website link and go to your partner website to buy things.

The main goal of the affiliated link is to make people click the link on our website

To set up this tracking, firstly you need to set few things

–        Get an affiliate link on your website or shop page

–        The affiliated link needs to be connected to your partner’s website.

–        GA4 needs to be installed on your website

–        Tag manager needs to be installed on your website

Do not use both Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager at the same time for affiliated links clicked

Either use the tag manager or use analytics

If you have multiple affiliated link then use Affiliated link tracking in GTM

 You need to enable the Enhance measurement  on your google analytics

Now you need to click on the Event  on your Admin Section of your Google analytics.

Note: you don’t see click as the conversion because all of your click will be considered a conversion

–        Now click on Create Event

–        Click on Create

–        Give the event a name “partner_click”

–        In the matching condition

            Parameter =  event_name

            Operator = equals

            Value = click

–        Now add more condition to it

            Parameter = link_url

            Operator = contains

            Value =

–        Now click on Create

If you want to track other affiliated link then you need to create a multiple events

You can only create 15 events

You can test the click event and

Now you can check the events on the debug section of the analytics.


Event Section

Go to your Event section on the Admin

And turn  the partner_click on inorder to get the conversion


Conversion Section

Go to conversion section on the Admin

Click on New conversion event

Give the Same event name “ partner_click”

And save the event

After all of this is done you can get the conversion and also the linked clicked to a partner link

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